Post: Estate Planning Attorney Long Island

Estate Planning Attorney Long Island

Estate Planning Attorney Long Island

Everyone needs an estate plan. Whether or not you’re wealthy or own businesses, you need to have an estate plan so that your wishes and desires will be carried out when you grow old or die, and this is what the estate planning attorney Long Island will help you do.

The estate planning Attorney Long Island help you prepare a good estate plan that suits your needs and wishes, and will see to it that all your wishes are carried out. Or are you getting old and scared of being incapacitated and having no one to care for your affairs? He is also specialized in this area, as he’ll help solve your guardianship issues and draw a medical health care plan that suits your needs.

Estate planning is very important. Having an estate plan goes beyond just having a will or testament. The estate planning attorney Long Island will ensure that your plans are effectively carried out, your affairs managed, and your estate distributed accordingly when you pass on. For this to happen, your estate plan and documents must conform with the state laws affecting Long Island and this is the major reason why you shouldn’t do it all by yourself to avoid mistakes that may be costly in the long run. Kindly contact an estate planning attorney Long Island to help you draft and sign your documents.

Documents which the estate planning attorney Long Island will help you fill


This is a document stating what should happen to your assets and how you desire them to be distributed when you die. In a will, you have to name an executor and beneficiaries of your estate. The executor so named will be in charge of managing your estate during probate before distribution is carried out. You can even decide to name the estate planning attorney as your executor, due to his legal capabilities, experience and trustworthiness.


This is a document which legally transfers all your assets into the care and ownership of another person. That person will be called your trustee and will have full legal rights to your estate when you eventually die.
Having a trust is a great option as with it, no probate will be conducted. It’s just as if you’ve given someone the right to continue from where you stopped. There are several kinds of trusts and the estate planning attorney Long Island will advise you on the best option that suits you.

Complete Legal Power of Attorney.

This document states or names the person who is to be responsible for managing your affairs and representing you and making decisions on your behalf when you become incapacitated. The estate planning attorney Long Island will guide you with this as well.

Medical Healthcare Documents

This documents are completed when you’ve finished planning your estate and may include health care proxy, advanced medical directives, etc.
These documents state who will be responsible for making medical decisions on your behalf, and they’re what will guide medical professionals in handling your health issues when you become too old or incapacitated.

These documents will be invalid when you fill them without adequate knowledge. You never know what you never know, so to avoid mistakes, contact an estate planning attorney Long Island today.

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